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Please note :
  1. You must first become a member of Arts Ticket before you’ll be allowed to book tickets online.
  2. There are no fees involved with becoming a member of Arts Ticket online, the service to book tickets is entirely free.
  3. When booking online, select “Convenience Store Pickup” (超商取票). You may book no more than 8 tickets for each transaction. Each ticket costs an additional $8 NTD to print.
  4. The return or exchange of purchased tickets must be done no later than 10 days prior to the performance (not including the performance day) and will be charged a 10% handling fee. Please return the original ticket. Returns or exchanges of tickets purchased with a credit card require the use of the original purchasing credit card. Returns and exchanges can be done at the Arts Ticket Service Office (No. 21-1 Zhongshan South Road, Taipei).
  5. For Arts Ticket ticketing locations, please visit the Arts Ticket website.
Tickets for Patrons with Disabilities 
  • Half-price tickets are available to disabled patrons for all performance. If applicable, an additional half-price ticket is also available for a companion. 
  • Valid ID must be presented when entering the venue.
  • For questions with regards to a venue’s environment, or to consult Fringe staff with regards to purchasing tickets, please contact Ms. Chong at 02-25289580 (ext. 182).

Purchase & Pick Up

Half-Price Ticket Booth

Fringe half-price ticket booth 
August 20th (Sun)- September 10th(Sun) 
Fringe Club: Daily 14:00-22:00 (Closed Mondays)
 Arts Ticket Booth (The Red House in Ximen): Daily 14:00-20:00

Please note:
  • Half-price tickets are provided directly from the artists. The Arts Ticket Booth is only helping to sell the tickets on the artists' behalf. Not all shows will have half-price tickets available.
  • Ticket availability is limited, sold while supplies last.
  • Unsold half-price tickets might be sold by the artists before the start of the performance at the door.
  • Half-price tickets can only be purchased with cash. We are unable to accept credit cards.
  • Half-price ticket purchases are excluded from the Booth Raffle event.

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