“Something strange in this world.”is not merely a line of Morpheus.
The movies 《The Matrix》、《The Truman Show》are shot to limit our curiosity of meta-structure---“They” don’t want us to know too much about it , so they confine it to hallucination that aliens conquer the earth , burying reality into hallucination.


Pon Pon Hsu , born in New Taipei City , graduating from National Taiwan University , majoring in bio-mechatronics engineering , minoring in theatre and philosophy. This is his first time to compose and direct.
He likes Thai food but he's never been Thailand.


Director : Pon Pon Hsu

Actor : Tzu Chi Wu、Sunny Cheng、Cheng Che Li、Eliot Chang、Willy Yang

Dramaturg : CHANG Dun Chi

Graphic Design : Shao Ting Lee

Ticket Contact Detail

Ji Peng Hsu/0921865731/ponponhsu731@gmal.com


Gao Chuan Chi


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