Sky x Manna


Non-verbal Performance



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Dance, Contemporary Dance, Family, daughter


40 Mins

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the memories of family are noted by little things, little things are things that people who are not in hometown can long for.

"Mom I want to listen to the story once more! Can you read it once again?" "Mom you don't understand me!!" The encounter of 21+57, meeting in dance.

Sky x Manna

"Every family has its own problems."
We all grow up in different families; the role of family towards everyone is different; to family, everyone has their own memories.
The conflicts in the relation between Mother and self, homesick of student who leave their hometown, we show our memories of family through dance.


Ya Ching Tang
Sky Lin
Manna Cheng
Dominic Teo

Ticket Contact Detail

Lin Chieh Tien/0958-930837/

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