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approaching theatre / PDLab x HandsOff Workers





Key Words

Wong Bik Wan, Seven Deadly Sins, Dog, Gender Identify, Self Identify, 941717


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The Seven Silences: Anger, adapted from Seven Deadly Sins written by Wong Bik Wan, is a story about faceless people: prostitutes, unemployed workers, thieves and charwomen.
Somewhere out there: In Astrology, the Pluto means destruction and rebirth. It's the power in the depth of one's heart after the accumulation for years.

approaching theatre / PDLab x HandsOff Workers

approaching theatre is an award-winning contemporary theatre, formed by Koh Choon-eiow (Malaysia) and Cheng Yin-chen (Taiwan). Their work focus mainly in questioning how Asian people drift and survive in history, post-colonial politics and capitalism power.
PDLab x HandsOff Workers: They are good friends and participate in Taipei Fringe for many years.


"The Seven Silences:Anger"
Production Team: approaching theatre
Original Novel: Wong Bik-wan
Director: Koh Choon-eiow
Adaptor: Koh Choon-eiow
Cast: Cheng Yin-chen, Koh Choon-eiow
Sound Designer: Xie Zhongqi
Lighting Designer: Chen Guan-lin
Assistant Lighting Designer: Pan Pei-chun
Executive Producer: Chuang Han-ling
Photographer: Chen Etang
Graphic Designer: Hsiao Yang-hsi

"Somewhere out there"
Writer: Chen Hung-Yang
Director: Jing Wu
Cast: Shu-Han Lin, Jing Wu
Producer: Ada Wei
Stage Manager: Fredrick Tsai
Stage Designer: Yi-Ju Chou
Stage Technical Designer: Chung-Yuan, Chen
Lighting Designer: Yen-Hsun, Huang
Costume Designer: Lionel Liu
Graphic Designer: Yuri Pen
Sound Designer: Sam Yang

Ticket Contact Detail

Soon/02-2528-9580 #127/chingyun@taipeifestival.org


"The Seven Silences:Anger" Sponsor: TITAN Publishing Co., Ltd.

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