2017 Fringe Bright Heart Awards

Yong Zhen Fringe AwardGarsonplay Studio《A-BEI》
Yong Zhen Future Star AwardSevenKOLO SOCIETY《Let me feel shame on a bed of roses》

Most Creative AwardSingle Ladies《Model Story》

Best Space AwardTheatre Ronin《Playing with Xi Xi》
Best Theatre AwardGodot ArtAssociation 《Male Dormitory》

Best Music PerformanceHufive Quintet《Sing! Traveler!》

Best Dance PerformanceLin Yu He《Cuddle》
Best Other PerformanceBIO-V《Dimension Sense》
Best Comedy/Cabaret PerformancedramAcappella ensemble《Where's Jimmy ?》

Genuinely FringeMiss Misery《There Grows A Flower 》
Genuinely FringeLife Holds Nothing More《Night/Night》
Genuinely FringeGoonzone《Enactor》
Thumbs Up!Papi Bucket《Pseudo Sentinelese》

Thumbs Up!Sansei《Sansei》
Thumbs Up!Sunrise Ensemble《The Pipa Xing Spin-off》
Thumbs Up!Lost Sounds《Downshifting》
Thumbs Up!Girls in Wet Dream《Weed》
Thumbs Up!Ren Jhen Lian Wu Jhong《Darling, why are your pants still on?》
Thumbs Up!Mo Hey《UNDIES》
Thumbs Up!Alice Theatre Laboratory《The Hong Kong Three Sisters》
Thumbs Up!R.O.D《He,She,He》
Audience AwardHufive Quintet《Sing! Traveler!》
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