A Message From Curator

In 2008, 61 groups of performing teams and Fringe Festival started an unknown journey, ten years later, has accumulated more than a thousand performances and hundreds of thousands of spectators meet at this festival. This is a professional show and prime man can create the same stage, which is a mainstream and dissent coexistence of the field, the platform so many never watch the theater performances of the audience, can enjoy the early experience of art. The audience may be in a comfortable seat, it may also be placed in the corner of the building, the same is the overflow of the air tension and cheerful.
In a convergent society, pluralistic inclusion requires courage and persistence. The spirit of the spice is not only open, but also mutual support. We have compiled the footprints of the past ten years to share with you, thanks to all the partners who have worked for the Fringe Festival, volunteer friends, staff, performance team and the audience, because all the participants, the creation and performance of the ear can Constantly adventure, the beauty of the spike can be spread to every corner of the city. Ten years for a city's history is just a few years, but we want to be encouraged each other, proud of the insistence of life.
Fringe Festival performances do not want your field sat down, do not want you to tighten the pockets of pilgrimage, we invite you to chase the show to become the most enjoyable life in the daily scenery!
Taipei Fringe Festival, Associate Curator
Hsin-Yi LIN

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