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Shan-Lu Yu

Having published countless reviews and essays in Sinophone arts and culture magazines, Mr. Yu is a veteran critic of Taiwanese theatre. Currently an assistant professor at Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Theatre, his primary reseach focus is contemporary Sinophone theatre, concentrating on the ongoing development of Sinophone theatre in Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore. 

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Ruping Wang

Ruping Wang is a Tainan-born Taiwan dancer. 

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Souls and chinese drums coexist, inside the theatre's tent is a place of passion. Low-key theatre reviews: 

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Vong Iug Chang

Currently a Master's candidate at the Taipei National University of the Arts School of Dance; has tried without end to integrate with dance; fears written language and discourse and thus confronts it. 

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Shih-chi Wang

Theatre-hand and freelance writer. Holds a master's degree from the Taipei National University of the Arts Graduate School of Theatre. 

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Johnny Wang

A native of Kaohsiung, Jian-ren is over 30 years old and still not independent. He currently is studying playwriting at the Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Theatre. His recent theatrical works include Fallacy of the Fist; On Stage's Look! My Left Cheek is Smoothier Yo, Ren Shin Theatre's UnsKAppable-A Hakka comedy, and HAOxHSIAO's Angry Nerds series. 

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PoorBoy has previously held positions as chief editor of a film magazine and project editor of a performance art magazine. His pieces have also been published by over 20 other arts magazines and websites. 

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Jenny Lee

master degree of Rose Bruford College in London, Bachelor degree of Fu Jen University, singer/actor/ song writer/ singing & acting teacher since 2001.  

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Yenhung Shen

Shen holds an MFA in Performance Art from National Taiwan University of the Arts. Her professional life exists where the fields of music and drama come together. She is currently a teacher at Taipei Municipal ZhongXiao Junior High School. 

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Minnie Shen

Mrs Chen is a Chinese Culture University Department of Drama and Theatre lecturer, and also sits as a committee member for the Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre Operating Committee and the Ministry of Culture's Performing Arts Grant Committee. She in an interim committee member for the National Performing Arts Center National Theatre & Concert Hall, National Culture and Arts Foundation, and the Taipei City Government's Department of Cultural Affairs. 

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I-Wen Chou

Yi-wen has previously migrated between theater and administration and has worn many different hats both onstage and backstage. She loves music, improvisation, and interdisciplinary projects most. Previous collaborations include: "Wandering" (2009 TFF) musical creation and performance; "Lust For Life" (2010 TFF) musical creation and performance; Dancecology "Crystal" (2011); "En Route 2.0" (2015) music design. In 2008 Yi-wen released her first album "The Original Rhythm of I-Wen Chou". In 2011 she released a benefit album “A Sightseeing of Tribal”. She currently continues her voyage through musical creation and the performing arts. 

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Hui Lan Yu


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Li Hsiung Lin

Mr Lin is currently a National Tsing Hua University Department of Chinese Literature Master's candidate.

He enjoys creating art and critiquing it, and also enjoys theatre and performing. Mr Lin played the role of the little sea in a university production of director Wu Luo-Ying's Tomorrow We'll Meet in the Sky. A devoted fan of Chinese Opera in particular, he has studied Beijing Opera and Kun Opera along with Kun Opera singing techniques with veteran opera performer Yuhang Wen. 

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Charlene Lin

Art critic; a cultural observer. She is the founder of the radio show "Dali's Surreal World", syndicated on Taipei's Bravo FM91.3 and Taichung's Classical 97.7FM, and the creator and writer of a special column for periodical Muzik. Her writings can be found in the magazines: Performing Arts Review, Music Browser, and on the Muzik online, Traditional Arts Online websites. She has also written for The Musical Guide to the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, and the Taishin Arts Review. She currently sits on the Taishin Arts Award review committee and is a judge for the Ministry of Culture's arts subsidies program. 

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chun-yi Lin

Lin graduated with a degree in architecture, wandered Europe for a year, then started life as an addict of black box theatre. The Bauhaus School of thought believes that the last two great representations of art are architecture and theatre, so Lin believes doing architecture in the day and watching theatre at night is a great combination.  

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Mei twenty-one

A graduate of National Taiwan Normal University’s Graduate School of the Arts and member of the group Ku and Dancers (古舞團), Ke currently directs the education program at RongFeng Studio. Ke has been involved in theatre since 2004 and has been creating performance art since 2001. In 2011 Ke began creating theatre works and groups collaborated with include among others: 聲動劇場, 差事劇團, 古舞團, 同黨劇團, 台原偶戲團, 飛人集社, 舞法表達. 

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Clothing industry, worked in nozzle quiz as the brand leader. Writing works : Brand information : 

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Yoyo Kung

With the aim to promote participatory theatre and to encourage artists experimenting on relationships with audience, Yoyo Kung and her theatre friends in Taiwan established theatre company Prototype Paradise (PP) in 2010. In 2014, PP produced and presented a one-week performance shop Night Market Theatre in Zhiqiang Night Market in Hualien. In 2015, PP worked with city sanitation workers and presented Traveling Around Taipei with Garbage Trucks. She has worked freelance with different art organizations or projects in Taiwan, and is a grantee of National Cultural and Arts Foundation, Taiwan to observe and to intern at site-specific art events in Europe in 2009. 

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MA in Theatre Practice, Uni. of Exeter, UK; ME in Urban Planning and BE in Architecture, NCKU. Now as lecturer of English Performing Arts in NTNU.
Ma is an actress and training conductor. She has played in Beckett's Endgame and Footfalls, Greek comedy Lysistrata, and ChiYuan Tian's White Waters and so on with Tainaner Ensemble, and The 9 Fridas with Mobius Strip Theatre. She studied psychophysical training of actor with Phillip Zarrilli in the UK and translated his book Psychophysical Acting into Chinese version.  

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hsiouhui kao

Kao holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from National Taipei Arts University. Currently a middle school Fine Arts teacher, Kao previously worked in theatre. Recent creative works include 汽車劇闖 (2013, 華山), 屹立於城--行為藝術創作行動 (2012,台北寶藏巖國際藝術村), collaborative body art exhibition: 微身之言 (2012,青海), 暴力教室II (2012,台北立方體), 香港-台北雙城行為藝術交流 (2013香港,台北). 

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