Special Performance

Special Performance

8/25  14:00~15:00
《Theatrical Puja – Fringe Monlam》
You are invited to this experimental performance inspired by Taiwanese folk beliefs.
9/1 17:00-23:00
《Flowers Grow In Outer Space》
In life, imagination is limitless; Installation, Image, Dressing, or Experimentation? Tonight, we will experience the Body at Large (2012).
9/3  14:00~16:00
《On the Fringe》Documentary
In the summer of 2014, an intrepid team of documentarians set off to chronicle the adventures of artists touring the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit. After 10 cities, over 18,000 kilometres and countless hours of interviews, they collected a treasure trove of the stories behind the stories and the scenes behind the scenes. (Film screening will be followed by a panel discussion.)

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