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Fringe 10-Year Glory Restagings: The Seven Silence : Anger + Somewhere out there
Taipei Fringe Festival could never have matured on its own without the accompaniment of countless performing arts groups. For this special 10-year moment, we have invited the 2008 recipient of the (Yong Zhen) Future Star Award Seven Kinds of Silence : Anger (approaching theatre), and 2016 (Yong Zhen) Future Star Award winner Somewhere Out There (PDLab x HandsOff Workers) back for special restagings each featuring the original cast and crew. Experience these two unique refined performances and observe the evolution of the creators all for the price of one ticket.

Artist(s): approaching theatre, PDLab x HandsOff Workers
Date(s) & Time(s): 8/24 (Thu.) – 8/25 (Fri.)  19:30、8/26 (Sat.) 14:30, 19:30
Location: Huashan Wumei Theatre
Price: 800 NTD

The Seven Silences : Anger

The Seven Silences: Anger, adapted from Seven Deadly Sins written by Wong Bik Wan, is a story about faceless people in Hong Kong: prostitutes, unemployed workers, thieves and charwomen. They hive in a dilapidated public house. In one net of fate, they bear indifference and social injustice. While humanity degrading, the reality turns wild. 

Photo Credit: 陳世平。

窮劇場 approaching theatre
approaching theatre is an award-winning contemporary theatre, formed by Koh Choon-eiow (Malaysia) and Cheng Yin-chen (Taiwan). They usually collaborate with theatre troupes in Macau, Hong Kong, and South East Asia. Their work focus mainly in questioning how Asian people drift and survive in history, post-colonial politics and capitalism power.

Production Team | approaching theatre
Original Novel | Wong Bik-wan
Director | Koh Choon-eiow
Adaptor | Koh Choon-eiow
Cast | Cheng Yin-chen , Koh Choon-eiow
Sound Designer | Xie Zhongqi
Lighting Designer | Chen Guan-lin
Assistant Lighting Designer | Pan Pei-chun
Executive Producer | Chuang Han-ling
Photographer | Chen Etang
Graphic Designer | Hsiao Yang-hsi
Sponsor | TITAN Publishing Co., Ltd.

Somewhere out there

In Astrology, the Pluto means destruction and rebirth. It’s the power in the depth of one’s heart after the accumulation for years:

Photo Credit: PDLab x HandsOff Workers

Tomorrow will always comes,
Yesterday you can never throw away.
Just stop,
Every time you don’t want to be yourselves.
You could cry, for your lives.
追困實驗室x手放開工作團隊PDLab x HandsOff Workers
Trying to pursue difficulties and then breaking them, some TNUA students composed this PDLab. They’re devoted to describing the real feelings of human being, and finding some images which belong to themselves in this crowded and chaotic world.

HandsOff Workers
Nothing good happening but tomorrow is coming.
We(adult boy n girl) can do nothing but do something.
We(teen woman n man) are hopeless but we think,
one great(or bad) show, can change the world(maybe), for you, for us, it might be.

Writer: Chen Hung-Yang
Director: Jing Wu
Cast: Shu-Han Lin, Jing Wu
Producer: Ada Wei
Stage Manager: Fredrick Tsai
Stage Designer: Yi-Ju Chou
Stage Technical Designer: Chung-Yuan, Chen
Lighting Designer: Yen-Hsun, Huang
Costume Designer: Lionel Liu
Graphic Designer: Yuri Pen
Sound Designer: Sam Yang

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