Registration FAQs-Basic Questions

Basic questions
#1  What’s so special about Taipei Fringe Festival?
#2 Why should I attend?
#3 How do I attend?
#4 What are primary rules at Taipei Fringe Festival?
#5 What expenses should I expect?

 What’s so special about Taipei Fringe Festival?

As the only arts festival in Taiwan to provide a non-juried platform for creation, Taipei Fringe Festival prides itself on encouraging unrestricted creation as is the spirit of 'Fringe'. From its inception in 2008, the festival has strived to become a full-service destination, and thus a catalyst for the unification of the individual creators scattered all around Taiwan. With this goal in mind, the festival provides additional assistance to its performers in the form of a seasonal topical lecture series and free administrative and technical consulting. The festival also offers gentle but direct feedback from industry veterans by means of the critic mechanism. That being said, we are looking forward to helping the seeds of your creativity take root, and blossom into spectacular performances during the this year's Taipei Fringe!

* 2008 Inaugural Festival
* Objective: World-class platform for performing artists and the creative arts
* Free and Open: No selection process / Open to all interested artists
* Young Artist Opportunities: Free-to-use venues, ticket revenue is returned to artists in full
* Average Age of Attendants: 18-35 
* Performers: Domestic and international artists, performing arts/theatre graduates, student groups, independent artists, semi-professional and amateur performance groups
Why should I attend?

The Taipei Fringe Festival is an non-juried platform for performance, exchange, and creation. As a performer, you only need to be devoted to innovation, and we will welcome you to use the platform to fulfill your creative dreams. 

A great number of performers have used the Fringe as a springboard for their careers to gather experience and energy, before moving on to receiving honors including: the Ministry of Culture's Young Artist Award, the Young Stars New Vision subsidy, a Taishin Arts Award nomination, and invitations to perform at Macao Fringe Festival, Festival d'Avignon (Fringe), ArtsTicket's Innovation Series, Songshan Cultural Park's Original Festival, Huashan Living Arts Festival, Tainan Arts Festival and more.
* No venue rental fee, all profits go to the artists.
* Open to all subgroups of artists.
* Audiences will no longer consists of close friends and die-hard fans, but in fact include art critics and industry folk.
* Accumulate comprehensive and practical experience.
* Allow your creative prowess the chance to shine!
How do I attend?

* The Taipei Fringe Festival uses an online registration system. Registration will be open from 12:00 Tuesday, March 7th, 2016 to 18:00 Wednesday, March 29st, 2016. 

* You may register as an individual performer or performance group. The festival also welcomes individuals or groups to organize their own performance series via the "curator status" account option.
* Follow the “How to Join” link for an illustrated explanation of the registration process.
What are primary rules at Taipei Fringe Festival?

Listed below are the major regulations that will effect all performers. All applicants should proceed to read the 2017 Rules and Regulations document to obtain a full understanding of the festival. 

* All performances must sell tickets (min. price 150 NTD)
* Unless otherwise specified, each time slot is 4 hours in length, and set-up, performance, and strike down must all be completed within this time frame.
* For each time-slot there must be least one performance.
* Artists may reserve 5 time-slots at most (=5 performances total), and no more than 3 during any one weekend (includes Friday evenings).
* Time-slots reservation works on a first-come first-served basis.
* Artists may at most reserve 2 venues.
* As venues are primarily composed of non-theatre spaces, we recommend keeping both performance times and technical requirements reasonable.
* Box office profits are given to the artist, consequently expenses incurred are the artist's responsibility, there are no subsidies provided.
What expenses should I expect? (1) Registration Fee and Security Deposit
Registration Fee: Individuals and performance groups are required to pay a 500 NTD account registration fee. Accounts with curator status are required to pay a 1,000 NTD registration fee for each account registered. These fees are non-refundable.
Security Deposit: Each account must pay a security deposit for each venue reserved. For individual performers and performance groups, the security deposit per venue used is 3,600 NTD. For accounts with curator status the security deposit per venue used is 5,000 NTD.
(2) Production Expenses: production costs, personal expenses, marketing expenses, box office related commissions, etc.

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