【My Fringe Experience】Endless Fringe Surprises

Veteran Festival Volunteer-Hsiao Wei

While I’ve volunteered consecutively for the past 5 years, there hasn’t been one year lacking pleasant surprises.
While on the job, not only am I a volunteer but I also get to be a member of the audience, watching each splendid play as one with the rest of the spectators.
For me the best part of the Fringe is performance locations are bound to be varied and unexpected. Anything from coffeehouses and underground salon’s beneath bookstores, to hostels and even seafaring boats are possibilities. I’ve learned that there are no limits, and any location may be transformed into Fringe venue, as such its definitely not the average theatregoing experience.

2011 Taipei Fringe Festival-Multi-X | Cross-discipline environmental theatre《SQUAT》performs at Ruin Academy in Taipei.

My favourite Fringe memory is of a performance in a hostel. Performers and dancers used the beds and bathrooms of the hostel as props for the staging of their narrative. The stage itself extended from bedroom and made full use of the adjoining balcony. Audience members were free to follow the action as it developed, and were always in full view of each crucial moment. At times dancers performed from the outdoor bathtub, splashing water in all directions. Performances of this nature are challenging for both performers and audience members alike. The performers must create their illusion at close proximity to the audience, while spectators are faced with the challenge of remaining attentive to grasp every detail and every action that is happening around them.

2011 Taipei Fringe Festival《Can't be Closer》- Almost there performed at the Burgary Hotel.

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