2016 Fringe Awards

Yong Zhen Fringe Award


How many we need to pay , if fall in love at first sight.

There is a Juliets in everyone's heart. Die and reborn. Reborn and was buried constantly.
Oh shit, Immortal Juliets! Praise Juliets!

Performing Artists / TIAN GROUP x YILING CHEN x RAW8

Tian Group
Founded in 2015 by KE DER FONG and KAO HSIOU HUI.Like artistic diversity. Our faith is "we do what we like and we like what we do"
A group of artists who engage themselves in all kinds of experimental performances. wishes to discuss the radical, alternative and avant-garde dimensions of performance aesthetics with the world.

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Yong Zhen Future Star Award

《Somewhere out there》

Dad, Mom~~~
I won't go home soon til I find who am I
Don't wait for me or u will wait too long~

That's all

Performing Artists / HandsOff Workers, PDLab

Nothing good happening but tomorrow is coming.
We(adult boy n girl) can do nothing but do something.
We(teen woman n man) are hopeless but we think,
one great(or bad) show, can change the world(maybe), for you, for us, it might be.
Trying to pursue difficulties and then breaking them.
Starting at a sudden thought, some TNUA students composed this PD Lab. They try to describe the real feeling of human being, and find some images which belong to themselves in this crowded and chaotic world.

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Best Theatre Performance

《Still Air》

As the "Air Lover" is no longer the pronoun as an imaginary sweetheart, as the air is just air, speechless, breathless, but everywhere, how can the hit start between human bodies and air? Plus, how to say goodbye as it ends? A piece of self-deprecating performance of a single man (and maybe more?), with love-craving loneliness and sweetness.

Performing Artists / co-coism

Co-coism is a multi-creator collective.
The company was funded in 2016 by Chien-Han Hung, Kang-Hua Chang, and Ding-Yun Huang.
The core concept is cooperative/devised theatre perusing for horizontal consensus/deliberation, aiming to Live Exhibition, Responding Creation, New Media, Scenagraphy, Immersive Project, and Activism.
We are planning to collaborate co-artists who have different background on the development and production.

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Best Dance Performance

Flurry tale

4 artists, 3 countries, 2 art-fields, 1 topic

Reality vs Fantasy

These two opposites have always been drifting people in between, but does ones personal reality correspond to the mass understanding? On the other hand these two different dimensions can be understood as holograms, which are fluent in time and space. The artists explore during the performance what happens if these two holograms are pushed into each others, becoming together as one.

Performing Artists / The narrator's lowdown

"Narrators lowdown" is a group of artists coming from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. This group includes one photo artist and three dancers, with backgrounds in contemporary dance, breaking, ballet and hip hop, dealing with their own characters in a continuous communication with different environments, to dig deeper in to the essence of their own fantasy worlds. In the same time they are working hard on the refinement of their technical skills to push the general level of these art fields.

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Best Music Performance

《Show Time!》

The fantastic music genre "Brazilian Choro" gathers musicians from Classical and Jazz, from Taiwan, Tokyo and Rio together to play. If you only know Samba and the Olympic game in Rio but never heard of Choro, come and join us!

Performing Artists / ChoroFun

ChoroFun specialises in Brazilian music genre "Choro", which is very appealing and energetic music. Combined with Portuguese melodies and African rhythms, ChoroFun's performance provides authentic taste made of flute, cavaquinho, 7-string guitar and pandeiro. ChoroFun have invited different musicians for cross-border collaboration, such as Classical Cellist, Chinese Xiao Ruan-ist, Jazz Saxophonist.

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Best Comedy Performance

《The path of love》

Alice Su, a single woman suffering from pre-mature midlife crises right before she turned 30. Her fear of being single and alone, living a mundane lifestyle, trapped in a cubicle, where the world of internet is the only thing holding everything together… “Where is my Prince Charming?” Will there still be hope for her finding love after walking this lonely path for the past 30 years?

Performing Artists / Ours

“Ours” was founded in 2015, by a group of 5 women who are from different generations, occupations, yet all very passionate about theater preforming arts. The word “Our” in Chinese, is pronounced “Wo-Men” which is similar to “women”. We like to share with you how we “a group of women” view this world, because we believe that drama can lead us to appreciate details of our daily lives.

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Most Creative Award

《White Hole》

"There’s a hole in front of me, a white hole. I cautiously approach the hole, and then peeking into it. What I saw from the hole makes me feel a sense of déjà vu. Now I really want to get into it. Whatever happens, it is surely better than the world I am in. Wait, there’s a weird guy stepping out of the hole…"

It's embarrassing to even mention that word—youth. There's a type of person who live like an old man when they're in youth while they live like a teenager when they're not young anymore. Are they always taking against the world, or is there an indescribable status in them that never change?

Applying animation, video, installation, object, and sound to performance, "White Hole" aims to display the life of those misfits.

Performing Artists / Miss Misery

Founded by a theatre virgin (who got crazy into '90s culture) and her young friends. She said, "Theatre is my erotic dream, oh, no, I mean the dream I had when I was young. "

"Miss Misery" is named after a song, featured in 1997 by American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith who died young, in memory of those old beloved days.

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2017 Genuinely Fringe

Best Space Award

《Elephant in the Room》

We accept the love they think we deserve
But, look inside our tiny mind
Scarring, itching, tearing and bleeding with circle run
Thank you for loving me

Performing Artists / OoZoO

OoZoO is grouped from two girls - Pharm and Leslie, in 2016. The ideas all come from their story that they had. This world is just like as huge Zoo. They try to make a dance to recall forgotten memories you tried to forget ever in this society (limited zoo).

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Genuinely Fringe

《Susans Go!》

Everyone has the ability to think independently. However, as they grow older and join different type of groups, their thought becomes blindly. A girl, Shan Shan, want to think outside the box, find the truth of everything and be herself.

Performing Artists / 171.3 % Soo WHAT!?

171.3% Soo WHAT!? The name of this group is inspired by the average height of our six male dancers, and the name of our one female dancer. We use the existing society as our theme, to show our audience the truth and dark side of our society. We hope you can enjoy this show.

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Genuinely Fringe

《Theatrical Puja》

“Theatrical Puja” is a ritual according to the Buddhist texts “ The Yoga Flaming Mouth Ceremony”. In the ceremony, Monks plays the roles as a Buddha to help those beings of the ghostly path out of their Sin and Karma. We rewrite the texts in a theatrical way. The whole ceremony spends about seven hours. We only excerpt the first two part to present .

Performing Artists / CHOU , Neng-An

CHOU , Neng-An, graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Theatre Arts. Self numerology, calligraphy, juggling. Learning Chinese tea from teacher Chen Xiujuan. 2015 Creation of interaction performance "Divination Show"
The idea of “Theatrical Puja” started since 2012. Through our project to reach the connection of Taiwanese ritual and theatrical art. Pursuing reproduce the ceremony presentation, we write our script
based on the slice of Buddhist texts truthfully.

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Genuinely Fringe

《Master vs. Expert》

A Live Broadcast in a no-exit room,
with a camera rolling non-stop.
A Master and an Expert...
have been forced to know themselves...
just by a porn book.

Performing Artists / KIUTO's Work

KIUTO (Leung Chui Shan) graduated from the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Acting Major) in 2011.
And, she won the “Youth Playwriting Program for Best Play” which hosted by Cinematic Theater (Hong Kong) at the same year.
She also won the prize of “Hong Kong Youth Literary Awards - Playwriting” six times.
Just recently, she is a finalist in this year’s “The World Sinophone Drama Competition for Young Playwrights”.

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Thumbs Up!!

《Fancy Land》

The feature of Dr. FANCY's music is representing pop music colored with contemporary music, which brings audiences the familiar tune, yet, the mystery of ambience. By assigning each song a character, the entire program will be a musical without actual text but inspiring each listerner to build their own story in their mind.

Performing Artists / Dr. Fancy

Dr. FANCY is found by composer Chloe Yuchun Hu in the beginning of 2016. The core members are Lu Lee and Yuchun Hu herself. Duo to a variety of themes of programs, they collaborate with all types of musicians, artists, fashion designer internationally to break the boundary of art form.

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Thumbs Up!!

《The First Tremble》

First tremble, the first crying of a newborn baby's shaking. People are given new breath in the stream of life's journey. On the journey, they converge, leave, and walking alone in this world. The First tremble is not only a performance but also a ceremony to show gratitude for everything. May this show dedicated to those who we meet in the life.

Performing Artists / Drifters Production

The artist creation with Driftwood
Sound artist
Improvisational dancer
We are a team which consists of various artists, and all of us love our native land . The performance, The First Tremble, is an experimental theater including driftwood art, improvisational contemporary dance , electronic music and other elements. We will have our debut at Miculture Tiger Mountain.

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We turn our head away when chopping an onion, so that we can avoid the tears.

Thus, we start to ignore things we don't want to see. Then when again we peel it layer by layer, we see ourselves that we don't even know buried deep inside the skin.

Performing Artists / Free Chicken

Two taiwanese flamenco male dancers who try to explore more possibilities from traditional flamenco, brainstrom together more creativities and move their body freely without any given limitation. As experimental as it would be, they have their imagination go wild and challenge things that we are used to how they are.

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《Uncanny Valley》

What is man? A non-biological android is created one piece at a time, while the scientist who created it teaches it how to look human, talk with humans, and form relationships with them.

Drawing on the latest scientific research, "Uncanny Valley" explores the painful divide between creator and creation, and how we are redefining what it means to be human in the 21st century.

Performing Artists / This is a Test

We are a group of people who love theatre; this is our test. We want to see if in the drama circle which is so fanciful, whether we can produce good plays that explore what the world is really like, to let the audience meditate on the outer and inner world.

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Thumbs Up!!

《Flight Number AT-1930》

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board to Lala airline. This flight is flying to attendants’ heart and mind, you may enjoy our crew’s boring yet entertaining trivia during this flight. Our flight time will be 70 minutes, as some might encounter unstable emotions during the flight, please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy our services. We are looking forward seeing you stay on board the whole time.

Performing Artists / My Neighbor Next Door is a Flight Attendant

Welcome on board, Mrs.Wang. It‘s really happy to see you , your seat number is 8c. Please go ahead, on the aisle. Have a nice trip.

May I have your boarding pass, your seat have been already occupied, this is our mistake, I will sort this right away .

A bottle of water, Certainly madam. I will be here with you right away. May I interest do you have anything to help?

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Thumbs Up!!

《The Mushroom Fight》

The mushroom empire founded by the Chien family faces crisis after the mysterious death of its CEO, who had two sons, Dragon and Tiger. When it comes to inheritance, they try every means to claim the ownership of the company. The mushroom fight is about to break out. You’d better watch out!

Performing Artists / 69

69 was founded by Max and Yao, who make a lovely couple yet become extremely frantic when getting into a fight with each other .
No pain no gain, folks.
We think that love is always about trying harder, and so is drama.
69 means "Help each other, Enjoy each other".
Hell yeah.

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Thumbs Up!!

《Still Here》

Performing Artists / Modern Hanji

A gang of old friends went their separate ways after their dramatic college years. But with their undying love for performance art, they dream the same dream every night that perhaps one day in theater, they could meet again. Today, this dream seems to have a chance of coming true.

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Thumbs Up!!

《Are you happy? Norah》

Inspired by a novel, "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" by American author Kim Edwards that tells a story of a father separates his son from his twin sister at birth to prevent him and the mother from knowing she was born with Down syndrome.

Performing Artists / InTW Studio

"InTW Studio" was founded in Taiwan in 2016."InTW",the predecessor of "InTW Studio" was founded by Hsiao-Wei Hsieh and Hsiao-Ting Hsieh in New York in 2013. The venues that have hosted their include prominent festivals and showcases in New York City.They had their self-production twice,《City Impression Series No.1》in Manhattan Movement & Arts Center(2012)、《52 Hertz》in Martha Graham Studio Theater(2015).

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Thumbs Up!!

《The Notes of an Insect》

Allen is an ordinary guy like most of the people. He lives a life without new experiences. One morning, he turned into a big insect and couldn’t get out of bed. Gradually, the attitude of his family became apathetic. Allen, who used to be the bread maker for the family, felt as useless as dead wood. In the end, He decided to end himself before losing all the human nature.

Performing Artists / Corny Chicken Youth Theatre

Corny Chicken Youth Theatre is sub-group of Corny Chicken theatre. We believe the theatre will train youth to think from an early age. They are not only actors but also observers. Our works focus on the adaptation of classics and the perspectives of youth in society. The young actors will be trained in reading literature and experimental spirit with philosophical ideas.

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Audience Award

《Where is Jimmy?》

“How much time do you have for waiting? “
Welcome to , we have a whole wall for books, hand-made cakes, and… a waiter who is waiting for somebody. The girl comes to again, just like usual, she orders a piece of vanilla cake and asks the waiter, ”Do you know where is Jimmy?”
And this, makes the day a whole new day.

Performing Artists / Goldfish-head Teens

Goldfish-head Teens, a group of teens who all deeply in love with drama. Oh by the way, they all have a bad memory.Cause we love musical very much, we would like to make our own musical in Chinese.
We get the idea from our daily life, try to reflect our thinking and the problems we encounter in life. But we would show it by a cute way~ Wondering how we do it? Come and see us show!

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