2013 Fringe Awards

Yong Zhen Fringe Award

Cabaret de L’amour

Welcome to the cabaret of love, old Taipei style. This musical-theatrical extravaganza combines the old-school Taiwanese “red envelope nightclub” culture with western cabaret flair. Step into the Golden Age Nightclub in Ximen! Let our songs, dances and fabulosity take away your troubles! We want your red envelopes, your applause, and your love!

Performing Artists / Taipei Theatre Lab

Taipei Theatre Lab is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent and developing a new process of collaborative creation in Taiwanese theatre, one that begins with director, actor, playwright and dramaturg at its core. Building upon the principles of openness, experimentation, creation and artistic exchange, TTL holds in-depth workshops in pursuit of the company’s own acting system and creative production; these workshops serve the dual purposes of enhancing the quality and depth of TTL’s work and creating opportunities for artistic exchange among diverse disciplines, ultimately injecting new energies and possibilities into the status quo.

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Yong Zhen Future Star Award

Ms. Wood and Ms. Bens’ Escape Plan

Tired of the boring life in a shop window,

Ms. Wood and Ms. Ben decide to run away!

After the last light goes out at midnight, they start their escape.

As they take off their ugly jackets and uncomfortable high heels, their dreams of escape start to become reality. Their wooden hearts are finally free!

Performing Artists / The Woody Girls

These two girls are becoming freshmen and want to catch the tail of youth and perform on the stage!

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Tainan, Taichung and Taipei

Most Creative Award

TAKE 321!

A click. A white flash. The girl smiles awkwardly.

This minute, she is an actress, auditioning for a movie.

A minute ago, she was someone's girlfriend, who just found out she was pregnant…

When an actress goes to an audition, does she truly understand herself?

How much is she willing to give? Just how much does an actress have to give and reveal of herself to lead her way in acting?

The life of an actress is much like our lives. When you face and really see "YOU", you will live on a unique life that belongs only to you.

Performing Artists / Kimmy LIU

Kimmy Liu trained as a playwright at Taipei National University of the Arts. During her studies, her directorial work Hopscotch was selected to attend the New Wave Festival. Another work, The Clockwork Doll, was a part of the 10th Crown Art Festival. After receiving her MA Degree in Creative Practice for Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, she now works in Taiwan’s film industry as a casting director. Kimmy also specializes in any kind of writing, and published two books, The Magic School and TAIPEI PAGES.

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Best Space Award

The Romance of Amour Café

Julian, the grandson of the boss of underworld, refuses to take over the family business. One day a mysterious girl, Little Peach, visits Amour Café and brings him a big surprise. Julian sinks into a dilemma between his past and the future. After all, these happy natural rivals can’t help but fall in love with each other at first sight.

Performing Artists / Wing Troupe

Wing Troupe was founded by Cheng Wan Hsuan and Wang Yu Wen. They embrace a huge passion toward the style of Takarazuka. This year, Wing Troupe is going to present The Romance of Amour Café. The show explores issues of love and dreams in the style of Takarazuka. The show has an all-female cast.

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Best Theatre Performance

Tail Off, Girls Survive

It's a new legend written by girls and gays.

It's about ancient famous stars having a new period of to shine.

Performing Artists / men-rest Girls

A team made up of 3 females & 1 male, discussing how girls and gays live on this island.

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Best Theatre Performance / Best of Fringe Spirits

A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup

A mysterious lady lives alone, but she's definitely not lonely. She is accompanied by a raucous cast of sounds and music that take her life on an adventure.

This flowery lady never says a word, but she sings and dances and communicates with her body. Watching her, your imagination will soar, and it will be a performance that you will never forget.

Performing Artists / Shoshinz

This production company from Japan "Shoshinz" is anglicized Japanese for shy timid people. They say those people can catch tiny beautiful things in the world.

The show has won awards throughout several Fringe Festivals in US and Canada, including Washington DC, Orlando and Vancouver.

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Best Music Performance

Freedom - Panai, O’rip, Urban town

With a backpack of air from home and the anticipation of a wonderful life, we come to struggle in a the city.

Familiar ballads, the temperature of crowds, glasses and laughing, they are all disguised among tall lonely buildings.

Through music, we experience real life by picturing the shape of hearts, thinking on how to free ourselves between living and being.

Performing Artists / Creating Music Orchestra

Creating Music Orchestra is a Jazz and Aboriginal music string band from Taiwan, organized by 3 people of the Amis tribe.

In this space, we enjoy the music and try to feel free, touch the heart, dance and shout.

Now, we can hear the wind blowing, waves, sunshine and midnight in the music. In the future, we would like to make some kind of music and hope people feel happy and free.

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Best Dance Performance

Rated R

A production of dancing in the moment. An opportunity to peek into the keyhole of a mysterious box. The excitement of choreography against unexpected. Who is to be entertained?

Performing Artists / Ruping Wang

Ruping Wang, an independent artist of dance, enjoys performing, creating, exploding, and pondering. To balance her sanity, she holds a fulltime teaching position at the Department of Dance at the City University of Taipei (previously known as Taipei Physical Education College). Rated R is Ruping’s first full-evening production dedicated to 2013 Taipei Fringe Festival.

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Best Other Performance

Exploration Mill

Shihlin paper mill was built in 1918 when Taiwan was governed by the Japanese. However the only remaining trees in this neglected building make the space come alive. Musicians and dancers explore their security here and try to breakthrough the boundaries of performance. Something surreally physical and audial will happen in this space.

Performing Artists / IMPRO. 453

"I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged.”-UK Theatre Dierctor Peter Brook. This group is comprised of dancers and musicians. They develop creativity by physical and music improv practice, and then build a common creative language to establish a performance form which can be dismantled to fit in any space. Their goal is to create whole new possibilities in contemporary performing arts.

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Thumbs Up

The Wizard of Az

I wanna go home, said Dorothy.

Just follow the yellow brick road.

It's said that the great wizard Az can grant any wishe, because nothing is impossible in the land of Az.

It's a dramAcappella, and we'll sing the story to you.

Be the witness of their collision,

maybe you'll find your own flame in it.

Performing Artists / dramAcappella ensemble

People who love drama and a cappella, and dream/dare to do both.

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Invited in 2013 Taipei Children's Arts Festival

Thumbs Up

Details of us

There are lots of lovely details in our life.

We are just too busy to take a rest and find them.

Tonight let us tell you a parable by pieces of our life stories, that sometimes if you think too much you can make yourself too tired to deal with life.

We invite you to join us to find the lovely details of you!

PS. There will be presents after our show!

Performing Artists / MoDel

“Mo.Del” is composed by a lady and a girl.

“Mom” has lots of life experience.

“Del”, also called “Green Bean”, is a young girl.

When woman and girl have a lifetime together, what kind of things will happen?

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Thumbs Up

The Adventure of Mr. Fat

Mr. Fat is a mouse who loves stinky tofu. On a pleasant morning, after he woke up from his dream, he decided to embark on an adventure in pursuit of the voice deep inside his heart.

It is a simple story with morals and meanings. It is a story about courage and dream.

The actors fluently transfer their roles between multiple characters. With the performance of live music and the delicate transformation of the settings, it is a play without any age limits.

Performing Artists / HUA GO GO STORY THEATER

"Cooking with the right hand while realizing dreams with the other"

Hua Go Go Story Theater is a part of the Xizhi Dynamic Reading Association. It consists of many passionate and energetic voluntary mothers. They are trying to raise the awareness of reading in a more dynamic way, such as through story theater presentations, reading clubs and workshops. Hua Go Go has received many recognitions such as, the Schweitzer Award for Children's Reading and Taipei County's recognition for contribution to education.

The directors of this play are two Dutch puppet artists, Annemiek Funneman and Christrian Bloem. This is Hua Go Go's first time internationally collaborate on the presentation of The Adventure of Mr. Fat.

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Thumbs Up

Kuai Kuai

Q1_What kind of person do you want to be?

A_Daddy: I wanna be a school principal.

Mommy: I wanna be Candy Candy!

Younger Sister: I wanna be Sailor Moon!

Older Brother: I wanna be a sailor.

Q2_How do you arrange your trips?

A_Climb mountains in the morning. Eat lunch. Reach the peak in the afternoon. Eat dinner and head back to the hotel. Have a good night's sleep!

Performing Artists / Bon Ce Day

Bon Ce Day, pronounced in Mandarin “Bang Xie Dai”, means “Tie the shoelaces”.

We’re students from Taipei National University of Arts. We attemp to present the magical moments in common lives.

Our first production was ”Beyond the Well Behavior” at UrbanCore Gallery in the 4th Annual Taipei Fringe Festival

It was a drama about the problem of education in Taiwan.

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Thumbs Up

The Magic Coat

Farewell, my acting career,

I dedicated my life to comedy, but I'm not funny anymore.

Fortunately, I have my magic coat.

It makes me create storis. But maybe the story aren'ty any fun anymore.

Farewell, my dog,

Farewell, humor. Farwell, story. After this, I will be gone.

Oh, I almost forgot, farewell my audience. Please bring some stories for me.

Performing Artists / The Dead End Flower

Dead End Flowers, established by four girls, began to bloom in October 2010. Our hope is to reform ourselves by telling great stories, which we also love to hear, and which we will perform well .

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Thumbs Up

It's Wasabi day!

It is supposed to be an ordinary beautiful morning. However, a family of three is about to face the end of the world. The uncertainty is terrifying them because nobody knows if there is going to be a tomorrow or not. Even though they don’t want to face it, they still decide to watch TV and have their "last supper” together. Their emotions are influenced by the TV programs. Finally, when the bell rings, they…

Performing Artists / TAI-LI-REN LAB

TAI-LI-REN Lab was founded by the first graduates of the department of Performing Arts at Shu-Te University. It exists to experiment with audience sensitivities on current issues. However, we also aim to entertain, and measure our success by the amount of applause and laughter generated from the performance. We will discuss all of the hot topics of the day but will confront these serious matters in a humorous fashion. Since there are plenty of controversial topics to choose from and more coming every day, we invite you to join us on this journey to learn and enjoy.

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Thumbs Up

Human Rights

The definition of a human right is: "The basic right and freedom everyone has which usually includes the right to live and to be free, the freedom to think and to express, and all are equal before the law. "

from United for Human Rights


Performing Artists / MCT

M-Creative Team

Mei-Ju Chen is the initiator and looks for artists loving to create and perform to join the group. They stimulate each other's imagination to bring unlimited possibilities.

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Thumbs Up

OUO!! Mirror, Humanity, Dream

The mutants that Ruzhen Lee describes are human-like but unlike monsters: the double-faced man, the hollow-breast man, the bird against filial piety…. In reality who is the one who is irresolute and makes excuses? Who blindly follows the crowds? Who falls into idealization with N impractical brain?

Live music, a floating projection creating new visions, interactive facilities bringing out new horizons. See how fantastical odd creatures make a joke of humanity.

Are you the winner or loser? Welcome to experience once more. Humanity, online.

Performing Artists / Divertimento

What a pleasure to have friends come from afar.

A creative furnace made by a group of good friends’ inventions with music, theatre and multimedia, of which languages might sound far away though they're really not. We work together with play and play together in the performance world.

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Thumbs Up

My Hollywood Dream

Welcome to Alice Su’s wonderland!

You will share her Hollywood dream in a nonstop 60-minute hilarious one-woman talk show. She will let you know how she's eager to be a Hollywood superstar with lots of fun!

Performing Artists / Asia Babe Alice Su

Alice Su, a Master of The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, is the only actress in this show. In ABAS, Asia Babe Alice Su is the most amusing one among this terrific group.

The other members are not only good friends with Alice, they're also very outstanding theater people.

*Please note that this might be the only show of ABAS, should Alice Su find her Prince Charming after the show.

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Best of Fringe Spirits

Angels from Stars

They are not deaf, not blind, and not mute. They are healthy and handsome. They may not understand when speaking, they may only hear elements of sentences when listening, but their eyes shine when they watch. Their behavior patterns are different from the rest of the planet and they can’t communicate through words. Now, they try to invite all the music lovers into their world by playing music.

Performing Artists / Music Skill Promotion Association for The Disabled R.O.C. (MSPAD)

In 1996 a group of parents and teachers who never gave up on disabled children began using music to provide them with therapy. This began with just a mere exposure to music, but then later progressed to teaching these students to play various instruments, as well as placing them into ensembles together. They never gave up. In 2009, a second group gave music lessons to beginners, and was named the G. D. Ensemble Band in 2010. This provided more chances for disabled people to learn music. MSPAD was established in 2011.

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