2012 Fringe Awards

Yong Zhen Fringe Award

Chef in Style…and His Mom

A famous top chef in Taiwan, Liang, finds a hidden recipe from his mother who passed away several years ago, and her spirit accidentally possesses his body. Being unable to get rid of the spirit, Liang suffers from the troubles she caused continuously in his life.

On Liang’s live cooking show, his mother reveals her son’s hidden secrets in front of the audience. In order to save his show, Liang’s struggles with becoming the person his mother wanted him to be and his true self.

Performing Artists / Inred-Liang

Inred Liang, theatre performer, core member in VMTheatre Company.

Work Experience

NSO 3+1 String Quartet Kafka on the string-Director

VMTheatre Company DAYLIGHT -Lead Actor

All Music Theatre Dancing Queen -Ensemble Actor

Dreamers-Ensemble Actor

Tainaner Ensemble "Mulan -Supporting Actor

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Yong Zhen Future Star Award / Best Theatre Performance

Not Universal Comedy

Hey, happy people / the audience.

Just like you, I'm a trapped bird.

Stop singing at the AVANT-GARDE Theatre stage.

Hey, sad people / the audience.

Just like you, I was a drunk clown.

Do not be afraid of singing at the AVANT-GARDE Theatre stage.

Time is running out, keep singing at the AVANT-GARDE Theatre stage.

Performing Artists / StyleLab

StyleLab is not a theatre group.

StyleLab is a furry animal like a deer or bear, kind, sensitive but might be ferocious.

Sometimes it‘s a family style restaurant, offering some homemade foods.

StyleLab is also a male poet that likes to say poetic things but actually speaks obscenely.

StyleLab plans to be a real theatre group in future. Not a furry animal, not a family style restaurant, definitely not a poor poet guy. A real professional theatre group.

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Most Creative Award


When love turns into memory, all you need to do is wait patiently. And waiting seems to be one of the hardest things in the world. At 7:20, a man sitting in a coffee shop is waiting for a blind date. He never notices that he’s waiting for something that also awaits him at an unknown place and time. Furthermore, he’ll never know that this blind date is related to the safety of the Earth. Diablo III.

Performing Artists / 嚎哮排演

A prize-winning team at Taipei Fringe 2011.

We work in the dark to serve fun.

We offer plays in the style of action movies and animation, seasoned with black humor and the classics.

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Best Space Award


To see is not always to believe , and hearing isn't equal to listening.

How do we choose the way we see ?

There are many different kind relationships between us, such as parents and kids, couples, friends etc. No matter what it is ,the relationship is always full of paradox, divestion, contending and counteracting.

When we choose one perspective, we need to give up the others. The perspective we choose decide the way we see.

To be or not to be, gaze or ignore ? Will you choose the right way to see?

Performing Artists / Huang Chung Ying

Y-atrts studio was establish in 2011. It is made up many young artists. In 2011 ,Y-atrts won the Taipei Fringe "Others of Others" prize. This year , member Huang Chung-Ying , who is dedicated to sound creation , invite two young artist; Chiu Yu-Wen and Ku Yung-Yen, to present a physical and sound production.

Director/ Writer/ Sound Design: Huang Chung-Ying

Co-Creation/Performers: Chiu Yu-Wen, Ku Yung-Yen

Installation: Rick Juang

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Best Music Performance

911 MUTA

Four crossover music pieces by contemporary Taiwanese composers will be presented in this concert.

Using traditional music combined with electronic sounds, images and theatre music concepts, we present a different face of contemporary music.

Composers involved in the concert are international composition competition award winners, including Sue-ya Wang, Ying-chieh Sun, Chia-hui Chen and I-lly Cheng.

Also, performers invited to the concert are active and famous ones such as Pei Hua, Ti-cha Lin, Min-chin Kuo, Han-jung Tseng, Yi-Pei Lee, Alfredo Show-Lee Huang and visual artist Yin-sheng Liu.

Performing Artists / Music Sculpture Studio

Constructing and sculpting music and sounds, giving them different meanings and cogitations, the studio aims to form a stage for contemporary composers to present their creative activities.

Through the interaction between composers, performers and audience, we hope fresh new possibilities will occur.

Focusing on areas of crossover music and breaking through people’s common views on contemporary music, independent and inclusive thinking is emphasized.

Serious/Humorous, Classical/Popular, Monotonous/Fused…..., every perspective of musical aesthetics is possible here.

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Best Music Performance

Voco Novo in Golden Dynasty Cabaret!!

An A Cappella group is singing in the Red Envelope Club for the first time in human history! Voco Novo invites you to the Golden Dynasty Cabaret to join us on a journey back to the night scene in Taipei in the 60s! Red envelopes for the singers are appreciated!

Performing Artists / Voco Novo A Cappella Group

At the end of 2009, five singers with different musical backgrounds came together and started Voco Novo A Cappella Group, with goals to create a new sound and collaborate with different art forms in Taiwan. "Voco Novo" literally means "New Voices", and we hope to touch audience’s hearts with the music we create.

With only a few years of experience, Voco Novo has already won many awards, including "Best Solo" Award at the "2010 Seoul International A Cappella Competition"; "Gold Diploma" and "Han­Guang Best Performance" and "Han-Guang Best Arrangement" at the "2011 Taiwan International A Cappella Festival".

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Best Other Performance


When is the first time you realize the existence of shadows?

What do you remember about it at the very first beginning?

When the light goes out, the shadow ends with it, but does it really disappear?

We know all things don't vanish completely, and that new forms transformed when others end.

Give the shadow a new life, a rebirth. Reconnect the relationship between stunts and the shadow.

Performing Artists / MIX Acrobatics Theater

Believe in yourself, be yourself, re-transformation, a new start!

We're giving you a unique show with a passion no one can imitate, using "creativity" to change people's impression about stunts.

We make our own "unique" unlimited innovation, which is "The MIX ART PERFORMANCE".

Let our creativity and the beauty of art change the traditional, let stunts become an art form in people's eyes. Using infinite joy and self-confidence, we will bring joy to each audience member!

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Invited to perform at Taipei Children's Arts Festival, Avignon Off, Beijing Theater Festival

Thumbs Up

The Waiter

In the coffee shop, does the worrier want to order something?

Don't worry, in this store you don't have to worry. There will be a waiter to help bring you a drink. Huh? You ordered a cocoa not a cappuccino? Rest assured!

This is what you need. In the coffee shop do you observe the person next to you? Does that noisy couple next to you look a lot like you when you were young? Sometimes the prime-time dramas will be staged next to some people, and a kind of melancholy atmosphere continuously spreads from them.

I am very happy, before that,

I was sorry, I sit here sometimes,

no matter how sad we are sitting with a drink, take a break, we must go towards tomorrow, right? What did I order today?

Or should I say, what is the waiter going to bring me today?

Performing Artists / The Public Sales Department Troupe

We are Performing Arts Majors from Shu-Te University of Science and Technology.

A group of young people who love performing.

We have a lot of ideas about the creative concepts of dance, music and drama, and we try to blend the diverse artistic styles.

Everyone has different ways of thinking and performance characteristics, but we also extend ourselves to try many different performing arts.

Creating infinite space, body, and sound, and playing out the features belonging to the Monopoly Bureau, because we are trafficking in selfless imaginations.

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Thumbs Up

Yeah! Sing All Night!

Little Star enters into a maze, arriving at the destination after transforming nine times…

Piazzolla’s tango flows among seven blend voices…

You will hear the loneliness of the autumn,

Listening to a tale of time.

This is a night of a cappella, nothing other than human voices. Without mics, we sing tango, oldies, classical, jazz, seven singers original from the Taipei Chamber Singers, the owner of 15 Europe choral competition awards. A night of 100% pure A Cappella, the TCS vocal ensemble sings through the night to recall your best memories.

Performing Artists / TCS Vocal Ensemble

TCS Vocal Ensemble inherits Taipei Chamber Choir’s incomparable vocal performance, presenting classic, folk and pop fusion. Its unrivaled vocal interpretation has made an unforgettable impression on audiences.

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Thumbs Up

Yashiki Joen—the sound of bondage

Since the first Ya Shiki Jo En in 2005, the BDSM company has invited some famous Japanese shibari artists to perform in many excellent shibari shows. They have provided brand new visual experiences and erotic sparks.

This summer, the BDSM company is going to show you what they've got. "Sound of bondage" presents the talented Otonawa, known for integrated dramatic elements into shibari shows. Plus the local team, which has been cultivated over time by the theatre company and joined by both Taiwanese and Japanese artists, brings you double the excitment! Besides the traditional shibari tying, there is also multi-dimensional art such as music and art performances; male to male, female to female, female to male and multi-gender combinations for a breath-taking show! (This show is partly the same as the 2012/5/26, 5/27 Yashiki Joen.)

Performing Artists / BDSM company

BDSM Company aims to be visible, active and speak out for Taiwanese BDSM-lovers. We invited shibari (rope bondage) masters to perform in our series of "Yashiki Joen" events between 2005 to 2012. And in 2011 now we started a BDSM theatrical company. It is the only theatrical company in Taiwan which focuses on BDSM art and performance and mainly explores issues of gender, but also of discovering

the beauty of the human body.

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Thumbs Up


She’s Louise. A girl just like me.

She’s Mary. A girl just like you.

Years ago, they met each other in a classroom while

they whispered in high volumes.

The wall of the classroom was full of graffiti, which only

they can understand. They held each other’s hands,

keeping themselves company.

And together, they escaped to a place where no one

could criticize them.

Years later, they’re all alone again, in their rooms.

And memories suddenly hit.

Performing Artists / HSIM-SUNG-SUNG STUDIO

HSIM-SUNG-SUNG STUDIO hopes to convey their unique perspectives of life through creative theater performance and tries to arouse a self-awareness of life among the audience. We do not expect to guide society with our standards, but only try as hard as we can to make at least one person laugh and cry in the show.

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Thumbs Up

Forest Puppet Theater

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."

― Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Chant from the earth, refrains of nature, a theater breathes and generates momentum!

Do you know that in every forest there is a tree specifically waiting for you? The seed was buried into the earth 500 years ago. It absorbs sunlight, air, water and nutrients, and grows up little by little. After all this time has passed, it is just waiting for you now!

Performing Artists / Flying Group Theatre

Flying Group Theatre was established in May of 2004. In the earlier years following the group’s inception, puppetry was the main focus of creative expression; the group’s work was nominated for the Taishin Art Award numerous times, and was invited to take part in art festivals in Taiwan, Beijing and the Netherlands.

Flying Group Theatre strives to produce performance pieces which follow the spirit of multimedia integration, are intimate in scale, and which challenge the traditionally accepted distance between performer and spectator.

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