2011 Fringe Awards

Yong Zhen Fringe Award

Yubon High School

During this graduation season, the beginning moment of young and romance, Yu Bon Shih Yeh is going to teach you things that you will never learn from teachers. You wanna know the love secrets of the nurse in health centre? When will my height and my grades go up and get better together? What should I do to make myself more charming so that everyone chases after me? Yu Bon Shih Yeh will answer all these questions about your sweetest, bitterest, craziest and also stupidest high school life. Are you ready to reveal your splendid sparkles?

Performing Artists / Yu Bon Shin Yeh

“Yu Bon Shih Yeh” is a new comedy group that creates happiness for all the audiences. It is lead by the professor Yu-Pin Lin and was established in August 2008. All the performers hold their degrees in drama and theatre from the schools where they got their training. The style of our performance is unique and compatible. Our performance has been a major activity among the young generation to bring audiences a new option for entertainment. Besides, we also hope to bring this new trend of performing arts into Taiwan.

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Future Star Award

I Have No Wings But Poetry

The song feels the infinite in the air, the picture in the earth, the poem in the air and the earth;

For its words have meaning that walks and music that soars.

—Rabindranath Tagore

Chang, Hsin-Jou, a balladeer of new generation, has been wandering alone around Taiwan with her guitar .She writes poems and melodies, and sings with all her life. She believes that music is poetry and poets are balladists. She is going to perform a dozen songs composed by herself, including one poem from Wu-Shen, a famous Taiwanese poet.

Performing Artists / Chang, Hsin-Jou


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Most Creative Award

Taipei Frank Festival

Tired to listen the general music? 4th Taipei Frank Festival in the September 9 - September 11, at Ximending Urban Core Art District,

Perform a number of venues at the same time, more than 100 programs of Performances, Static Arts, Behavioral Arts, Internet Arts. and one more thing, you can buy one ticket to join many shows. This time we say "Let the Taipei Frank to surpass the Taipei Fringe!!"

Performing Artists / Taipei Goon Culture Foundation

Taipei Goon Cultural Foundation ( referred to as the TGCF) was established in August 2006, They are compose by unknown artists, this organization want to confuse Numb of world. (TGCF is fictional and created by Taipei Frank Festival, a program of the Taipei Fringe Festival 2011)

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Best Space Award

Tamora (Restricted)

"Visual designer: Willy Yang Photographer: Makoto Jiang Director: Ina Li Adapted from Shakespeare’s play, Titus Andronicus.

The code of Hammurabi: “If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out.”

A journey of revenge turned the calm looking old condo into a slaughter house. The first floor, the second floor, and the third floor…. The more civilized the means, the more silent it kills.

The series of “where is classic?” combines both exotic environment and a classic script. We will see you at this abandoned old house this time!"

Performing Artists / Play Around Theatre Company

"Director Ina Li came back from England with a MFA degree in Staging Shakespeare in 2008.

The only thing she learned in her four-year-stay in England is listening.

Listening to the stories, and telling them in her own way.

Play Around Theatre Company is grouped by her and her friends from the old time. The target of the series of “where is classic?” is doing all kinds of classic play in an unusual place, a place outside of theatre."

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Best Theatre Performance

Flower girl mining

"This was how the story began…

She danced to the Black Swan with me for 127 Hours that night, and I never said “I love you” because we were just like No Strings Attached. We Return to the last step when we had collided with each other…I loved to dance with you and listen to you sing, I needed you – in a simple and direct way.

until one day I met the ""Flower Girl""..."

Performing Artists / Heaven in the workshop

Heaven in the workshop was founded in 1996 by four girls from the Taipei National University of the Arts (then National Institute of the Arts). After they worked on Eye Contact, which resulted in packed houses in a small venue, a need of carrying-on was felt. The company now has more than thirty members, Christians mainly, with training from different schools of drama and/or theatre, either graduates or current students.

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Best Dance Performance

the GifT BoX

Open the GifT BoX,

We fulfill all your wishes,

With various music elements, serial visual effects and spiritual excitement beyond imagination,

Just wanna make you scream


Performing Artists / M Dance

Maybe we’re not the best

—We do our best

Different is what we wanna be

—That is why we’re here

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Best Music Performance

The Sirens Moment

The two best vocal groups from"2010 Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival Competition" are now presenting their passion to singing to you. From pop to jazz, the two groups will bring you into a different music world.

Performing Artists / Vocal Asia

Vocal Asia: A newly established organization that unites Asian a cappella musicians and fans together by collaborating between the a cappella organizations in each Asian country.

Sirens Vocal Band:"2010 Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival Competition"- Second Prize & Best Stage Performance & Best Vocal in Chinese Song & Best Vocal Percussion, "2010 Korea˙ChunCheon A Cappella Festival"- First Prize & Best Vocal

Moment Singers:"2010 Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival Competition"- First Prize, "Singapore A Cappella Championships 2010"- First Prize

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Best Other Performance

SQUAT UN-Limited House

In many countries around the world, "Squatters" takes over abandoned, unoccupied spaces for the use of residence, social movement, and art creation. "Squat" is a three-night performance happening in a used, pre-occupied building. Independent yet harmonic interweaving of live music, dance, theater performances, exhibition, sound installation, and lighting, brings the audience on a venture through floors and rooms in search for stories and personal viewing experiences.

Performing Artists / Multi-X

Multi-X was established with a vision for artists from different disciplines to share their talents and resources. The company’s first production Squat, coordinated by project manager HSU Ya-Ting, includes Sitar player Wushi AJ, dancers YU Yen-Fang and KE De-Feng, director and actress HUNG Pei-Ching, and PENG Tzu-Ling, multi-media artist CHEN Yun-Ju, lighting designer HSU Fu-Chun, and special guest artist Elsa on a venture through an alternative creative process.

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創作者余彥芳獲邀獲邀2012 魏瑛娟策展之「作臉不輸小美容藝術節」、兩廳院新人新視野演出

Thumbs Up

The Bright Room

To sit, or not to sit?

To do, or not to do?

Is that a question?


Performing Artists / DT_R99

We are making a play where the senses, which are usually possessed by the player and the audience alike, are absent.

We wonder what it would ""look"" like if people lost their sight in the theatre.

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Thumbs Up

A Dream in A Day Dream

Dating back to the 1870's, choro is the most charming and lively musical genre. It is the soul of Brazilian music. On September 9th, 2011, the last day of summer, ChoroFun presents an amazing adventure “A Dream in A Day Dream”. It is a cross-over performance which combines choro music with drama improvisation and interactive art design.

Performing Artists / ChoroFun

ChoroFun is the first officially registered Choro music group in Taiwan. It is formed by professional musicians: flutist Jennie Lin, guitarists Masaharu Masuda and Bruce Peng, and the Pandeiro player WeiChung Lin. This time ChoroFun will collaborate with artists Yi-Shiuan Lin and Jiun-Shian Lin to present an amazing adventure A Dream in A Day Dream. It is a cross-over performance which combines choro music with drama improvisation, and interactive art designs.

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Thumbs Up

Dumb Waiter

Most of you misunderstand one thing: The most important work of a hitman is to kill. You’re getting it so wrong. In fact, every trained hit man knows well that the priority work is to wait. The key of waiting doesn’t lie in the length of time but in the accurate calculation… As I arrived at the appointed location, I arranged the routes and got to know the position of other personnel. Right…I must do so…wait…Why was the Kentucky Fried Chicken in McDonald's paper bag?

Performing Artists / The Roaring

These are the words spoken by our ancestors - that lay at the heart of our creed.

Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember...nothing is true.

Where other men are limited, by morality or law, remember...Everything is permitted.

We work in the Bore, to serve the Fun.

We are The Roaring.

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Thumbs Up

Dyken: The Golden Age of Superman

"Dyken Superman tears making his career in the adventure

Adapted from American superhero Superman autobiography of Dyken's "" Dyken: The Golden Age of Superman ""

This is the play's Asian premiere

The world's largest nuclear war is imminent...

After thirty years of separation, his evil father appears and invites Dyken to help him complete his lifelong dream of ruling the world.

After Dyken refuses, his father begins the final stages of his plan ......

Finally Dyken will have to decide: justice or affection. Which will he choose?"

Performing Artists / StyleLab


Make Scene;

Picking, Mixing, Fixing;

Style Lab."

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