2010 Fringe Awards

All the Best Award

The Mother Hen Next Door!

In myth, the mother hen is rare and beautiful. Her appetite is astonishing. To extend her life, she must keep eating. She snatches her neighbor's grain, gnaws her parents and children, and grows up huge and high into the sky by eating all the people in her village. Finally, she starts to eat own torso, shoulders, neck and head. In the end, there’s only a large, bloody mouth.

Who encourages this hen? Or this is an instinct to survive? This show, an international collaboration between Hong Kong and Taiwan, views today's problems through this myth.

Performing Artists / EX-Theatre Asia

With its base in Taiwan, EX-THEATRE ASIA extends its vision to all of Asia. “Creative Lab Asia” is a lab for experimentation, exchange, extension, experience, exploration, and expression among the artists in Asia. It is also a metaphor, highlighting the characteristics, ideas and vision of the theatre company. EX-THEATRE ASIA constantly explores with heart and soul. We envision an exchange between artists and audiences without language barriers, and hopes to conscientiously develop new performance idioms that offer refreshing experiences to the community and worldwide audiences.

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Future Star Award

Yubon Talk Show---Classical Vision

"Yu Bon Shin Yeh" has already set up for two years and treat making people laugh as their responsibility. They performed more than seventy shows in many campus and theaters in Taipei Fringe Festival. They created more than eighty sections in new talk show form which is hardly to see. Many audiences have used their laugh to promise you will have a big laugh. This show will select carefully five sections and one extra new creation of eight performers fight together. All the essence will present to the audience of art festival.

Performing Artists / Yu Bon Shin Yeh

"Yu Bon Shin Yeh" is a new type group for making people laugh composed by frustrated actors and actresses . The group set up in August 2008, their leader is professor Yu-Pin Lin. The performers all graduated from the department of drama and theatre. They have stupid thought but they also have dreams in their mind.

Their performance without any formality of general forms and aims to make people laugh. To serve people soul by their souls, they grouped to "Yu Bon Shin Yeh".

The main goal of this group is to educate talk show entertainers and making performance plans. This is to give a new entertaining choice for Taiwanese people

who are getting stressful and depressed in daily life and bring them a new atmosphere.

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2012年 臺北藝穗節榮耀邀演

Most Creative Award

Homie Rockerz

It is home where everything exists: happiness, sorrow, fragility, constraints.

Although we may not appreciate all of them, there’s always something subtle which we can’t afford to lose.

A home is a shelter, a dear friend, a comrade, and without it we would never have become who we are today.

We are the Peter Pans, and we are here to dance our dream with conviction and swagger.

Performing Artists / Cozyxpress

Everything we have comes from the street, where we strive to become supreme.

The world is our dancefloor, limited by no boundaries or restrictions.

What made us who we are today is the obsessive passion rather than traditional doctrinal training.

Every groove we make is the very raw emotion that comes from the very core of our soul.

We expose our true selves to you, to the music.

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Best Space Award

The Last Smokers

Imagine a world that smoking is not just banned by law, and is also a symbol of unreason, illness, and even filth. BEING HEALTHY is the only the sacred and unchallenged value. The Story is about the last smokers in this cruel world. Under the persecution, they are still wondering, “ Why the society just force us to quit smoking?”

Performing Artists / Why Don’t You Eat Carrots?

We are a project, just for some waves that we don't expect, and we banded ourselves against those waves. The name of this project is from a song by a German band Faust.

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Best Space Award

Idon’t want to set the world on fire

Adapted from Anton Chekhov's 'The Seagull' and Sarah Kane's 'Phaedra's Love'

Performing Artists / Saturnians

In spring 2010, the Saturnians embarked on a journey to Earth. Their purpose is simple –to step onto the surface of the exotic earth in search of a lifestyle not known to them and to create an innovative integration. Saturn in this performance is used as a metaphor. Susan Sontag aggregated the thoughts from great philosophers like Walter Benjamin to describe the characteristics of Saturn. These scholars habitually put themselves in third person and perceive reality from that perspective. In effect, they are not left with any capacity to see themselves and therefore it create problems such as losing touch of the reality or catching up very slowly to it. Nevertheless, their sensitivity is unaffected. Although Saturn is the 6th planet in the solar system, it is the one that takes the longest to rotate around the sun. In addition, it has more satellites than any other planets in the solar system. This symbolizes the fact that human has access to numerous possibilities. This can be explained by Walter Benjamin’s famous saying – These people make detours and therefore are late. It can be seen that people whose constellation is associated with Saturn hold a resolute stance in things. We can find connection with Saturn in drama, as you sit there and watch the curious ring that holds endless possibilities. We hitch a ride that departs from the normal course, but we know it is only temporarily, and not for eternity.

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Best Courage Award


The sorrow comes with love, without love there will be no grief about it. Everybody has his / her own most original, deep, internal body rhythm of life. When his body tries to resonate with others, after going through a process of expansion and contraction, eventually he finds himself accompanied, getting rid of the loneness, but no longer has his uniqueness. Choreographer tried to discuss this work with the body's resonance, depression, homogeneity and diversity. By interacting with the experimental music flowed of emotion, dancers emit their most profound feeling through their bodies in each single beat.

Performing Artists / Hot Tide Body Explore Workshop-Super Sea Turtles

Hot Tide’ comes from our first dance work "The sea turtle’s hot tide" / I see other people do not see you. ‘Hot tide’ means the profound feeling. From the deep feeling and emotion, we devoted ourselves into the new body quality and performing form. Some of our dancers come from the street, some come from Taipei National University of the Arts. We appreciate our differences, and try to combine the street and the school spirit to experimental and original performance. ‘Hot tide’s euphony is ‘Hot Tai’ means the fan of Taiwan, the land we love and live.

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