2009 Fringe Awards

All the Best Award / Best Space Award

Waiting for what!?

Tuan Tuan, “ It’s quite late. Why haven’t we got our paste? ”
Yuan Yuan, “ Then let’s just escape from prison! ”
Because they couldn't wait till the paste sent by the zoo keeper… because they have watched the latest episode of an American sitcom… because they feel like bitching the out-of-date koalas…and because they couldn’t fall asleep that they would like to pay tribute to Beckett (You with!) Therefore, the two pandas decide to escape from the zoo together!

Performing Artists / 4 Chairs Theatre

After performing the absurd comedy 《A chair!?》 in the 1st Taipei Fringe Festival, and digging out the humanity in 《The Elevator》this April, 4 Chairs Theatre is going to advance Nanhai Gallery with animal instinct this autumn. Guys, be ready to sit on our chairs, to watch a surrealistic, absurd adventure of two pandas.

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2010 Taipei Arts Festival Performance
獲邀2011 兩廳院新點子劇展
獲邀2012 魏瑛娟策展之「作臉不輸小美容藝術節」

All the Best Award / Future Star Award

Made in Hong Kong

Read a sensation last year in the Red Chamber Theater performance art more than industry, "Happywine of Jimio"?
That is super lovely bride and they will turn one up this year, the audience, to make rice in the new circle, you know who!

Because no less than 200 Cypriot rice this year will be higher chance to miss!
Of course, you will also get her to do a small Hong Kong-style dim sum!

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Performing Artists / Goon theatre

Goon Theater. Founding less than 1 year before the mission is because there is no tax for 10 years, in order to fear the IRS caught! Therefore, write-off of the old mission to re-register.

The delegation is currently a pair of paying by the non-productive and creative component of his wife, baffling attempt to stem the chaos of world domination extreme boredom.

Theater head: Jimmy Zhang
Deputy head of the theater: Suzanne Huen

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Suzanne Huen now a famous actress in Taipei

Most Creative Award

Blue John

It is a love story about the “speechless romance” between a talk show girl and a severely stuttering boy. Though the ecstasy and anxiety pervading the atmosphere in the Taipei city, they grow their connection firmly…with a saxophone.
Shuttling between the fairy tale like scenes and the mock of the status quo, even the story teller lost herself in the end of this labyrinth of narrative.

Performing Artists / A-Cross

Let Arts Cross Everyone's Life!
"Music drama" is not a drama, not music, but contemporary and traditional cultural reproduction staggered. A-Cross will be a refreshing way of performance to challenge the boundaries of music and drama, bringing the audience to meet the auditory and visual feast.

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Most Creative Award


The average temperature keeps rising; the glacier in Antarctica is rapidly melting.
For surviving, they work as if there’s no tomorrow.
For one specific dream, they give it all.
For one piece of ice, they are fighting the reality.

Performing Artists / Coincider Group

Coincider Group, the multi-tasked performing group is composed of a bunch of art lovers. The primary purpose of this group is to make fine art performance one step closer to the masses and their daily life. Walking inside the streets allows everybody to experience the true thrilling brought by performing arts.

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Best Space Award

Around my home in 80min—STOCK buffet

Come to my place and I will cook for you, then you can see our way of life.
You may set a safe corner for yourself, listen to the condensed essence of anyone's live, wave the flags and telescope where everyone lives inside is the microcosm of the world.
Even common place is the New World for the next explorer.
Free your mind, and free our bodies, then we have whole world.

Performing Artists / Five Years Project

Members of "Five Years Project" come from various areas, like chemistry, life science, public health, music, etc…. The love of dace gathers us as a club. Besides the general stage, we dance everywhere we go, with our approachable dance language. Intending to inspire your imagination, "Five Years Project" brings you the most playable environmental dance show. Let’s dance for FUN!

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Best Courage Award

Only if you know ( )

You never know ( ), yet you know how incapable ( ) is. We leave the blanks for you to fill in. No right or wrong. Both sides complete an integral part.
So, why hanker for compromise?

Performing Artists / Sarahkane Theatre

Sharahkane Theatre, founding in 2008, is going to perform the newest work for you this year. Please visit our website for more information.

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Best Courage Award

When it rains noisily, we see the color of pupils from each other

We try to cut open the body like doctors do
The skull dissected, the brain taken out
Examining here and there to find the words
Pluck off the eyes, the angle of our vision
Murmurs swing in that half-open mouth
And the twisted limbs endeavor to say something
While all the other organs stay silent as nothing
Every piece of the hotchpotch in the stomach
Rushes out to perform its best in turn spontaneously
With your eyes please tell anatomized us
The least obscure and the most authentic

Performing Artists / Holistic High School

At the juvenile age before adulthood.
We’re beginning to grow up and learn to be strong.
We’re opening our eyes wide to search for a stage.
On which to show the most primitive and honest face of our own.
Even though it rains noisily as ever.
We’re asked to fix our eyes upon each other.
So as to see the subtle twinkling color.
From the pupils of each other.

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