2008 Fringe Awards

All the Best Award

Mint Rosemary and The flower with No Name

In a relationship, some people are like Mint: Sweet, easy to step on because it is low status.
Other people are more like rosemary: Independent, tough and resistant to high temperature. No insect will sting them.
Or you can choose to be the flower with no name, hard to describe, that no one can define.

Performing Artists / Koyao Wang


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Invited to perform at 2010 Taipei Arts Festival

Future Star Award


“Anger”, an adaptation of Hong Kong authoress Wong Bik-Wan’s famous fiction, Seven Deadly Sins, described the story of the prostitute Mary, the unemployed worker Wei xia, the garbage lady Liu Yu Pau, the thief Seven hands and the little boy September. They live in a dilapidated building in Hong Kong, being mingled into a inescapable life net.

Performing Artists / Cheng Yin-Chen, Koh Choon-Eiow

Cheng Yin-Chen, Koh Choon-Eiow

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Most Creative Award

Meta Meta-Group


Performing Artists / Keep Shooting


Review / further performance


Best Space Award

Silhouette And Its Double

Silhouette and it’s Double is a site specific project about the roles that have been traced to women as well as the roles women decided to embody themselves. Antigone, Electra, Clytemnestra, Medea, Helen of Troy and Lysistrata become silhouettes reflected in six contemporary Taiwanese women’s lives. The audience enters a space as unmarked territory. Each corner becomes a journey to a different reality. Each corner becomes a different rite of passage.

Performing Artists / Out To

Out To founded in 2005.

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Best Courage Award

Happy Wine of Jimio

Because no money! Hong Kong has been unable to fly. I have my wife OO married come back from Hong Kong. So taking advantage of Taipei Fringe Festival is free venues, do a “Happy Wine of Jimio” Laoqian. Really need your support! Dry! Save the small theatre workers! Please please! (Translate by Google)

Performing Artists / Jimi Zhang

Jimi Zhang and OO

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